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To qualify for security employment with Royal Victoria Security You Must hold a valid Security Employee License Issued by the Province of British Columbia for the class of security employment specified. We are constantly looking for new individuals to join our Security team.
At Royal Victoria Security, all our new recruits start as Security Guards and learn the required skills to perform more advanced tasks. The duties listed below are only a basic outline, not job descriptions.

Security Guard - Static Sites
building / site access control, foot patrols, perimeter & internal checks, event security, some locations may require first aid certification

Security Guard - Driver
Mobile Patrols and / or Alarm Response, scheduled or random checks of premises, response to client complaints of trespassers, site inspections, lock/unlock services

Private Investigators
Discreet observation & investigations for government, corporate or personal requirements

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To qualify for a Security Employee License in BC you must:

  • Be a minimum age of 19
  • Be entitled to work in Canada
  • Have successfully completed Basic Standards Training
  • Pass a criminal Record Check
  • Be fluent in English

Basic Standards Training is administered by The Justice Institute of BC which offers their BST course online. For details see their website at:

Note: Armoured Car Guards require additional training and firearms licensing.

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